The only American land south of the equator, American Samoa is made up of five tropical volcanic islands and two coral atolls. The largest island of American Samoa is Tutuila, where the country’s capital, Pago Pago, is located. Ofu, Olosega and Ta'u make up the Manu'a Islands. These island have been largely undisturbed by modern culture, and traditional village life thrives here. Just 25 minutes away by air is American Samoa's nearest neighbour, Western Samoa. The volcanic activity that shaped the islands of American Samoa, has created a dramaqtic landscape of rugged mountains with a stunning coastline of bays and harbours. Pago Pago Harbour, backed by densely forested mountains, is one of the best all-weather deep water harbours in the Pacific.

Pago Pago is a good place to start your visit to American Samoa. Many travellers experience its colourful character before hiring a rental car and exploring the rest of Tutuila Island. Tutuila's attractions include the recently established National Park of American Samoa. This park also extends over the islands of Ta’u and Ofu. Most accommodation is found on Tutuila Island, with some on Ta’u and Ofu. Overnight cruises are available to some of the outer islands; there are also trips to the red quicksands at Pala Lake on Aunu’u Island, and the spectacular rocks at Ma’ama’a Cove, to be enjoyed.