American Samoa Things to Do

  • National Park of American Samoa.
    Taking in the islands of Tutuila, Ta’u and Ofu, the national park protects American Samoa’s mixed species paleo-tropical rainforest. Hiking tracks tlead through the park, but it's best to hike with a guide, whose knowledge of local folklore and wildlife will make the walk even more memorable.
  • Ta’u Island
    This was the spiritual centre of Polynesia before the arrival of colonists and has particular historial and archaeological importance. The sacred site of Saua is believed to be the birthplace of the Polynesian people. The beaches and forests on the south-eastern half of the island are part of the National Park of American Samoa.
  • Ofu Island
    Ofu has long beaches of fine coral sand and some of the healthiest coral communities in the South Pacific. Because the island is part of the national park, there are rules which must be observed by those snorkelling. Snorkellers should also take their own equipment.
  • South Ofu Beach
    One of the South Pacific's most beautiful beaches, with the best snorkelling in the territory.
  • Whale Watching
    Between August and November southern humpback whales visit American Samoa and can be viewed from Fagatele Bay. Porpoises, sperm whales and marine turtles also visit these waters.
  • Snorkelling and Diving
    Scubadiving and snorkelling are available in American Samoa. However, experience is necessary as there are undertows, strong currents and high surf.
  • Fishing
    Join a fishing charter and go in search of big game such as marlin, tuna and shark.