• Anatakitaki (Kopeka Cave)
    Atiu's most famous cave is the only home of the rare kopeka bird. A Guided tour is available.
  • Burial Caves
    Te Ana O Raka and and Rima Rau burial caves contain bones; the latter also has a deep sinkhole and pool. A guide is required.
  • Birdwatching
    Discover the birds of Atiu, especially the Kakerori (oyster catcher) recovery programme, with local conservationist Birdman George.
  • Beaches
    The island's fine beaches include Oravaru on the west coast, Oneroa on the south-east, and Takauroa, south of Oneroa. Cook's party is said to have landed on Oravaru, while Oneroa is known for its lovely shells. There is also good swimming at Taunganui Harbour.
  • Snorkelling
    The lagoon from Takauro to Matai Landing is ideal for snorkelling at low tide. Colourful tropical fish become trapped in the area known as the Coral Garden, forming a natural aquarium.
  • Coffee Plantations
    Early 19th traders and missionaries were the first to introduce coffee to Atiu. Guided tours are available, during which you learn how to process coffee without commercial machines.
  • Island Tours
    Guided tours are available and can be arranged through your accommodation.
  • Crafts
    The island is known for its fine tivaevae (traditional handsewn quilts).