Rarotonga Safaris and Treks

Visitors keen on walking will find that Rarotonga offers plenty of options. As there are no snakes, wild animals or poisonous insects on Rarotonga, inland exploring is relaxing and enjoyable. You can see native birds such as the chattering kingfisher, and exotic butterflies and plants. A good family walk starts at Ngatangiia Harbour and follows the Avana Stream inland to a pleasant picnic spot. There are excellent guided walking and 4WD safari tours for all levels, which will take you off the beaten track, and give you an insight into the geology, history and culture of Rarotonga. Make sure you take a good insect repellent. Please note, many treks are not signposted and all walks and treks should be undertaken with a local guide, as conditions can be dangerous.


  • Cross-Island Trek - 4 hours
    Rarotonga’s most popular walk leads to the base of Te Rua Manga (The Needle), the island’s most dramatic peak. From here you enjoy spectacular views of both sides of the island. After a short rest, it is an hour and a half down to Papua Waterfall, also known as Wigmore’s Waterfall. The falls are the only on the island and drop in stages. Beneath the falls is a large pool, perfect for a refreshing swim on a hot day. This walk should be done with a guide, and it is best to start at the Avarua end.
  • Te Kou Trek – 5 hours return
    A steep track, slippery when wet, with panoramic views.
  • Ikurangi Trek – 4 hours return
    A spectacular walk leading to a climbable rock face.
  • Te Manga Trek – 6 hours return
    For experienced climbers only. A rope is useful on steep areas near the top.
  • Raemaru Trek – 2 hours return
    A pleasant walk to the base of a cliff near the summit.
  • Maungatea Bluff – 3 hours return
    This walk has beautiful views over Avarua. Some scrambling is required.