Shopping, Dining and Nightlife on the Coral Coast

Saturdays are market days and Sigatoka market is small and busy. Be aware that prices will be higher if you accept the services of a 'guide' when entering the market, as up to 50% commission will be taken on all items bought. Baravi Handicrafts, near Korolevu, has won numerous retailing awards for its well-priced, quality handcrafts. Local pottery and carvings are available here, and also at roadside stalls. The Sunset Strip in Korotogo also has a variety of giftshops. Be aware that clam shell, turtle shell, whale tooth and coral products cannot be taken out of the country.

The variety of major hotels along the Coral Coast offers a wide selection of dining styles and restaurants. Independent restaurants include Vilisite’s (Fijian for Felicity) on the beach, which specialises in local seafood, Korotogo (owned and operated by a Swiss chef), Gecko’s at the Kalevu South Pacific Cultural Centre and the Boto’s Restaurant at the Coral Coast’s Railway Station.

Most of the resorts have evening entertainment and some feature the Beqa firewalkers. The cabaret shows at Hideaway Resort are famous for their light-hearted humour. Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Warwick Fiji have nightclubs.