Crafts in Fiji

 Tapa Cloth from Fiji makes a wonderful adornment after your holiday. Book with Image courtesy of Tourism Fiji
 Tapa cloth from Fiji

Arts and crafts are an important part of daily life in Fiji. One of Fiji's most famous craft works is the beautiful tapa cloth. The tapa cloth is used in ritual ceremonies and worn as a traditional item of clothing. The stencilled decorations on the Fijian tapa cloth are unique to the village or family of origin.

Baskets, fans, hats, mats and many other Fijian craft items are woven using pandanus and coconut palms, which is softened and slit into ribbons ready for weaving. Fijian woodcarvers are also considered to be among the best in the South Pacific, particularly those in the Lau Group. Master carvers produce objects such as the tanoa – the bowl used to prepare kava (a ceremonial drink).