Dive into Fiji

If you’re hopping across to Fiji for your break, take the plunge and explore some of the Pacific’s most spectacular dive spots. Fiji Visitor Map Fiji Visitor Guide

Fiji is a haven for both novice and experienced divers with its warm waters, superb visibility and huge range of tropical fish and marine species. We’ve picked three Fiji islands famous for their diving to help you plan your Fijian underwater adventure. 

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Located off Viti Levu’s Pacific Harbour region, the island of Beqa (pronounced Mbengga) is a favourite for the superb dive sites around its fringing coral reef. There are many colourful corals and fish species, along with larger marine species such as dolphins, sharks, rays and turtles. Well-known dive sites include Side Streets (soft corals and gorgonian fans), Caesar’s Rock (coral heads and swim-throughs) and Frigate Pass – a 48km coral wall with pelagic fish, including white-tip reef sharks. Shark-feeding dives to Beqa Lagoon also departs from Pacific Harbour, with the chance to view enormous bull and tiger sharks.

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Located south of Beqa, Kadavu is reputed to be one of Fiji’s most beautiful islands. Offshore, the Astrolabe Reef – the world’s third largest - stretches its mighty coral formations along the island’s eastern coast, creating a spectacular 1800m drop-off. Massive waves crash against the reef, making an impressive sight for visitors as they journey out to the dive sites. Beneath the surface, the island’s pristine waters boast gardens of hard and soft corals, vertical walls, caves and brilliant tropical fish of every species. The area is famous for its manta ray dives and the wreck of the Pacific Explorer.

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Located off the south-west coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s northern ‘Garden Island’ is known for its lush tropical scenery and accesses some great diving. Offshore, the awe-inspiring Somosomo Strait is world famous for drift and wall diving, and for the incredible soft corals of the 32km long Rainbow Reef. You’ll spot plenty of colourful tropical fish, the odd shark and turtle, and even pilot whales during November.

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