Fiji Flora and Fauna

The higher rainfall regions in Fiji's east are lush with tall rainforests and trees such as mahogany and vesi. In the drier western districts, sugar cane is grown through much of coastal Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and coconut plantations are also common.

The fruit bat (beka) and a small insect-eating bat are the only native mammals. Native reptiles include the crested and banded iguana.

Viti Levu, Kadavu and Taveuni are the best places to see some of Fiji's 80 species of land and freshwater birds. The larger birds are easily seen on the main islands, which tend to be more ecologically intact. Look out for the small red and green kula lorikeets which can be seen collecting nectar and pollen in populated areas, as well as the rainforest regions. The rare green kadavu parrot is found only on the island of Kadavu, while endangered peregrine falcons have eyries inland of Suva. Other rare bird species include the Fiji petrel, the silktail and the long-legged warbler. The Colo-I-Suva Forest Park in the hills north of Suva is a great place for birdwatchers and many of Fiji's wildlife species can also be seen at the Kula Eco Park on the Coral Coast near Sigatoka.