Fijian Language

Fijian language was originally spoken only. A written version of Fijian was devised by two Methodist missionaries in 1835. In the written Fijian language, sounds requiring two consonants together (eg. ‘th’) have been replaced by an ‘unused’ consonant (eg. ‘c’). Local Fijian dialects differ depending on the region; a person on one side of the country may not understand a dialect from the other side. Common Fijian language is spoken throughout the islands.

Useful Fijian Words 
  • Hello = bula (pronounced mbullah)
  • Good morning = yadra (pronounced yarhn drah)
  • Goodbye = moce (pronounced morthay)
  • Thank you = vinaka (pronounced vee naka)
  • Thank you very much = vinaka vaka levu
  • Excuse me = tulou (pronounced too low)
  • Yes = io (pronounced ee oh)
  • No = sega (pronounced senga)
  • House = bure (pronounced mburay)