On the fertile banks of the Labasa River, in the north-west of Vanua Levu, the bustling trade town of Labasa (pronounced Lam-bah-sah) is a major sugar cane centre and the island’s largest town. Tucked off the main tourist track, Labasa has a large Indo-Fijian population – many of them descended from indentured sugar cane labourers.

Labasa's services inlcude Chinese eateries, a cinema, post office, police station, hospital, major banks, a bus stop and a taxi stand. The large market at the end of Labasa town has plenty of fresh produce including spices, fish, poultry and vegetables. The local Farmers Club and Labasa Club are open to visitors and are good places to meet with the locals. There are several attractions around Labasa including the town’s large sugar mill, the Wasavula Ceremonial Site, the hot springs at Waiqele and Cobra Rock and Snake Temple near Korovatu Beach.