• Wasavula Ceremonial Site
    Located on Vunimoli Road, this sacred monolith was once the site of ancient cannibalistic ceremonies. If you want to visit Wasavula, you need to ask permission and present a sevusevu (gift) before you enter.
  • Fiji Sugar Corporation Sugar Mill
    East of town, you can take a tour of the town’s large sugar mill, which dates back to 1894. The crushing season is June to December.
  • Waiqele Hot Springs
    Catch the Waiqele bus from Labasa town for a soak in these hot springs, located 3km from the airport.
  • Korovatu Beach
    Pack a picnic and enjoy a refreshing swim at this popular local beach. There are picnic tables and toilets but be sure to take your own water and food. A small entry fee is charged.
  • Naag Mandir (Snake Temple)
    This brightly coloured temple is built around Cobra Rock – said to resemble a cobra poised to strike. Hundreds of devotees visit each day, leaving behind offerings of flower garlands, fruit and coconut milk.
  • The Floating Island
    Some 50km northeast of Labasa, this unusual islet sits in the middle of a pond, and literally floats around with the breeze. You can jump on board if it’s floating close to the land. It’s fairly remote so take your own food and water.