Shopping, Dining and Nightlife in the Mamanuca Islands

Malololailai Island has two supermarkets, one at the airstrip and one at Musket Cove Marina, and while well stocked and reasonably priced, there is a limited choice of brands. The shopping on the remainder of the islands is limited to the resort stores – generally clothing, some magazines, essential personal items, nick-nacks and snack food. Shopping trips to Nadi are a popular day activity.

Dining and Nightlife
With the exception of Malololailai Island, restaurant options are limited to the resorts. Mana, Musket Cove and Plantation Island Resorts offer a selection of dining options. Beachcomber Island has the reputation for being the party island of Fiji with a live band playing nightly. Their main bure has a sand floor and their 'bula dance' is notorious. Musket Cove has a bar on Ratu Nemani Island that is joined to the marina by a floating walkway. Their barbecues are extremely popular with visiting yachties. Castaway Island has become famous for its wood-fired pizzas, which can be enjoyed on the balcony, overlooking the water, at sundown.

A must-do is the 'lovo' night, staged weekly at most resorts. Lovo is the local cooking method where root vegetables, meat and fish are wrapped in banana leaves and cooked underground. This is usually accompanied by a local 'meke' performance where the Fijian men and women perform local songs and dances. Many resorts will advise when the lovo is being 'put down', so the full process can be observed. Fish, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, taro and cassava will all feature as well as locally grown green vegetables.