• River Rafting Adventures
    Kayaks, motorised punts and the more sedate bilibili (traditional bamboo raft) are some of the options for exploring Navua River and its traditional villages. In its upper reaches, the river has spectacular jungle rapids and waterfalls, and steep gorges decked with hanging gardens. Discover Fiji Tours in Navua offers bilibili tours down the river to Nakavu Village and a motorised longboat cruise to Namuamua village for lunch. There are also multi-day options with overnight village stays.
  • Traditional Villages
    Local buses and market boats can take you from Navua to visit Namuamua and Nukusere Villages about 20km up the river.
  • Namosi Highlands Treks
    Discover Fiji Tours offer 2-7 day guided treks to the Namosi Highlands, which include 4WD and rainforest treks, rafting, overnight village stays and village cultural activities including a lovo and kava drinking ceremony.
  • Pacific Harbour
    West of Navua, you can visit Pacific Harbour for fishing, surfing and diving in the clear turquoise waters of Beqa lagoon. Local dive operators include Aqua-Trek Beqa and Beqa Adventure Divers.
  • Zip Fiji
    Soar high through the rain forest on the most thrilling and only canopy zip lines in the South Pacific.