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If you're about-to-be-wed, newly wed or just romantic at heart, then Fiji is the ultimate romantic escape. This idyllic and relaxing tropical paradise is the perfect place to celebrate your dream wedding, honeymoon or anniversary – and there are 333 beautiful islands to choose from.

Choices for a tropical Fijian wedding or romantic escape are as varied as your imagination. Fiji's array of hidden island escapes, tropical forests and deserted, pristine beaches go hand in hand with some of the world's most beautiful resorts, providing the perfect setting for your romantic sojourn.

Enjoy the lush tropical surroundings and feel the waves lapping beneath your feet. There are spectacular tropically inspired wedding chapels and cliff-top decks set amid cascading waterfalls and, if you're a little more adventurous, you can even opt for an underwater wedding ceremony.

But what really sets this magnificent destination apart is Fiji's unique tradition of song and dance, which more and more couples now include as part of their romantic experience. Stunning floral arrangements, melodious choirs, Fijian warriors and rhythmic drums can add even more magic to the mix – and then there's the fantastic warm weather. It sometimes goes six months without a drop of rain!

Fijians are also adept at making sure things run smoothly. Most resorts and hotels offer dedicated wedding coordinators who are on hand every step of the way to ensure that it all runs smoothly on your big day. After your wedding, there is no need to pack and travel to your honeymoon destination – simply relax and enjoy the start of your married life together in one of the world’s most romantic environments.

Your honeymoon can be active or as relaxing as you want it to be. Enjoy a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant or a private beach picnic on your own secluded beach; experience traditional Fijian entertainment in the evenings or just relax into your hammock and sip champagne as you watch the stunning colours of a classic tropical sunset.

Best of all, you'll find a warm, open-hearted welcome from the Fijian people, renowned around the world for their genuine friendliness.

Quite simply, Fiji makes it easy.

10 Reasons that Make Fiji The Ultimate Wedding Destination

1) Legally Recognised Weddings the World Over
Weddings in Fiji are recognised as legal worldwide.

2) Stress-Free Planning
Resorts offer the services of a wedding coordinator who will arrange everything including legal requirements in advance, and they can tailor-make arrangements to match your own unique vision. There is a huge variety of all-inclusive packages with extras to suit your budget.

3) An Entire Resort to Yourself
In Fiji, wedding parties are often able to take over an entire resort for total privacy and the chance to share your special experience with close family and an intimate circle of friends. Or you can opt for just the two of you alone an exclusive coral atoll.

4) A Choice of Beautiful Locations
Fiji's stunning backdrops range from sandy beaches to tropical rainforest, barefoot to ballroom, glass-sided chapels to traditional churches, on any of our 333 islands.

5) Vibrant Culture
A living culture with natural hospitality steeped in fascinating tradition, Fiji is a land of song and dance.

6) Fantastic Photo Opportunities
With heavenly sunsets, sandy beaches and stunning scenery, Fiji provides an amazing backdrop for wedding photos.

7) A Huge Array of Activities
Try your hand at everything from skydiving to golf, and white water rafting to trekking; be pampered in style at one of our many spas or just find your own secluded spot and relax on the beach.

8) Authentic Fijian style Celebrations
Fijian warriors, costumed attendants and decorated traditional rafts are available to make your romantic occasion unique. Handcrafted bark cloth with stunning garlands of fibre and tropical flowers are among the many options.

9) World-class Accommodation
Accommodation choices will suit everyone's budget from fabulous luxury resorts and cruises to exclusive island resorts to family or budget oriented accommodation.

10) Friendly English Speaking People
The genuine friendliness and hospitality of the Fijian people is world-renowned, making Fiji an extra special place for romantic travellers.

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