• Dive Sites
    Popular sites on Toberua include Shark Reef, with its white-tip reef sharks and giant coral archway, and the wreck of the Cardinia, a 300ft freighter that sank in 1920. Bird Island reef also has superb variety of corals as well as white-tip reef sharks, walu, baracuda, tuna and turtles.
  • Gamefishing
    Species found outside Toberua island's reef include marlin, mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo, walu, sailfish and giant trevalli.
  • Bird Island
    This small uninhabited island lies 3km east of Toberua, and is the resting area for a large colony of red-footed boobies. Other birds to be seen are grey crested terns, reef herons, fruit bats or flying fox, swamp barrier and noddys. Tours can be organised from Toberua.
  • Boating
    On Toberua there are paddleboats, hobiecats and windsurfers available for guests to use.
  • Village Visits
    Guided tours to the nearby villages of Dromuna or Vatani include a traditional greeting, kava ceremony and a meke (traditional dance), as well as the chance to learn about village history and activities.