Christmas Island, Kiribati

The pincer-shaped Christmas Island (Kiritimati) - member of the Line Islands group - contains nearly half of Kiribati's total land area. Most government services are located in London, at the northern-most pincer. London moves at a leisurely pace. It is home to the tourist office, post office, bank and telecommunications centre. In addition to being the world's largest coral atoll, the island is a protected wildlife sanctuary renowned for its seabirds and fish. Other attractions include diving, snorkelling and game fishing.

  • Cook Island
    Across the channel from London, Cook Island is home to more than 18 varieties of seabird. A permit and guide are needed to visit; permits can be bought at The Fish & Wildlife Service in the Ministry of Line and Phoenix Development Building.
  • Diving
    Cook Island and Paris channels are superb dive sites where a wide range of species can be viewed. Christmas Island Divers Association are Kiribati's premier eco-tour operator.
  • Wrecks
    South of the airport is the Bay of Wrecks, a watery grave for unlucky 19th century square riggers (the site cannot be dived). There is also a Korean wreck on the south-eastern tip of the island.
  • Game Fishing
    Game fishing is one of the island's key attractions, and many visitors arrive on a sportsfishing package. The prize catch is the large bonefish that swims in the coral flats.
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