Cutlure of Kiribati

The Kiribati culture is Micronesian in origin; the emphasis is on hospitality, family values and a relaxed lifestyle. I-Kiribati (the people) value kinship ties and social obligations highly. The family elder represents the group in village matters, while the unimane (old men) are the traditional village elders.

Culture is still very important to the people of Kiribati and Te Katei ni Kiribati (the Kiribati way of life) is enshrined in the Maneaba, a traditional meeting house which has survived for generations. I-Kiribati are famous for their dancing, canoe racing and artisanry; land, canoes, houses and traditional skills are highly treasured. Visitors can arrange to see a cultural show with traditional dance and music at their hotel.

The key national celebration of Kiribati - Independence Day on 12 July - features a colourful parade, dancing and canoe racing. Christianity has exerted a strong influence in the islands and the culture of Kiribati. Female visitors are asked to respect the culture of Kiribati and dress modestly in towns and villages, particularly on the outer islands.