Kiribati Things to Do

Things to see and do in Kiribati, Kiribati highlights, Kiribati activities and attractions, and points of interest in Kiribati - the ALL NEW Jasons Kiribati Things to Do Guide is your complete guide to sightseeing in Kiribati.

  • Dancing
    The people of Kiribati are highly skilled dancers, and traditional floor shows can be enjoyed during festive occasions or on request at the hotels in Tarawa and Christmas Island. Kamei (male dances) and Kabuti (female dances) are the most frequently performed of the traditional 'ruoia' dances. Women use distinctive Polynesian hand and hip movements.
  • Handcrafts
    Kiribati is said to have the finest crafts in the South Pacific; the weaving is particularly noted. Souvenirs such as shark-teeth swords, fans, mats, trays and wooden spears can be bought from outlets on Tarawa and Christmas Island.
  • Game Fishing
    The waters of Kiribati are home to a profusion of fish. In particular, the ocean around Christmas Island is abundant with sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, grouper, trevally, bonefish and sharks.
  • Diving
    With its extensive reef system, Kiribati offers fine diving and snorkelling. There are professional services available on both Christmas Island and Tarawa; bottle and weight belts are supplied, but divers should bring their own regulators, masks and fins, as rental equipment is limited. There is good snorkelling around Buariki, both on the reef and in the lagoon.
  • Bird Watching
    Large bird populations of shearwater, petrel, noddys, frigates, tropic birds, terns and more can be found on Christmas Island. The rare Christmas Island warbler may also be spotted if you are lucky. There are birdwatching tours available from Fish and Wildlife Services.
  • Christmas (Kiritimati) Island
    This unspoiled island, with its beautiful lagoons, is a popular resort and the world's largest coral atoll.
  • Fanning Island (Tabuaeran)
    Tabuaeran is part of the Line group and a cruise destination. Snorkelling and sightseeing tours are available.
  • Abemama Island
    Located in the Gilbert Group, Abemama is famous as the home of Robert Louis Stevenson in 1889.
  • Marakei Island
    Part of the Gilbert Group, this beautiful atoll is shaped like two halves of a circle joined by a lagoon in the middle. The lagoon is ideal for swimming and waterskiing.
  • Butaritari Atoll
    This lush green island belongs to the Gilbert Group and was the site of fierce fighting during World War II. Today, it offers good snorkelling and swimming.
  • Banaba Island (Ocean)
    This uplifted limestone island is one of three great phosphate rock islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are four villages and old relics dating from the days of phosphate mining. It is part of the Gilbert Group and is accessible only by boat.