• We
    Lifou's main settlement is centrally located on the island's east coast. The main attraction here is the magnificent beach. You can also shop for local products at the open-air market held opposite the town hall on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6-11am.
  • Joking Cliffs
    Snorkelling trips in Lifou © New Caledonia TourismLifou's northernmost village is famous for its 40m-high cliffs, which overhang crystal-clear waters teeming with fish. In calm weather, the bay beneath is ideal for snorkelling.
  • Mucaweng Vanilla Plantation
    The plantation is set within a beautiful forest on the island's north coast. The organic pods can be bought by visitors.
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel
    This historic chapel built by Catholic missionaries in 1898 has a panoramic view of Santal Bay. It is located at the north-western tip of the island on Easo peninsula.
  • The Grand 'Hut' of the Chief of Hnathalo
    The main 'hut' of the Hnathalo tribe, with its huge open fireplace, is set in a garden behind the chief's house. Permission to enter is required.
  • Qanono Church & Temple
    Qanono's church and temple were built on the site of the first Protestant mission.
  • Peng Beach
    White sandy beaches in Lifou © New Caledonia TourismA secluded white sandy beach with caves and numerous creeks on the west coast, 3.5km off the We-Drueulu road.
  • Luengoni Bay
    With its stunning turquoise lagoon, this east coast beach is reputed to be the most beautiful in New Caledonia. There is a spectacular coral rock emerging from the lagoon.
  • Cave Visits
    Guided tours are available to Lifou's caves which include the Grotto D'Avio, with its 4km-long stalactites and jade waterhole. The Devil's Cave, near the village of Tingeting, has three huge interlinked caverns.
  • Island Tour
    Take a tour of the island which visits sights such as the cliffs at Joking, the Mucaweng Vanilla Plantation and the Catholic Chapel at Easo, built in 1898.
  • Bougnas Feast
    Enjoy a traditional Kanak meal cooked on heated stones.