• Lifou
    In addition to magnificent beaches and lagoons, Lifou offers colourful markets, plantations, historic chapels and caves. Lifou's interior is a large plateau thickly covered with tropical forest – a great place for walking.
  • Mare
    Rocky Mare is known for its sheer cliffs, interspersed with coves of powdery white sand. Highlights include beautiful beaches, historic sites, caves, a natural aquarium and an underground freshwater lake.
  • Ouvea
    Ouvea is the most exotic of the Loyalty Islands, and famous for the 25km-long Fayaoué Beach, one of the Pacific's most lovely. It is framed on one side by coconut palms and on the other by the ever-changing colours of the lagoon. Ouveau has caves, chapels, swimming holes, a coconut distillery and a rope works.
  • Diving & Fishing
    There is excellent diving and fishing in the waters surrounding the islands.
  • Cave Tours
    Visitors can take tours to explore the caves on the three main islands, including La Grotte de Cong-ouloup on Ouvea and the Bone Hole on Mare.
  • Kanak Culture
    Traditional Kanak culture has been well preserved in the Loyalty islands. Tribal customs still play an important role in island life, offering visitors a colourful insight of this distinctive Melanesian culture.