• Wineries & Orchards
    Madeleine Fall © New Caledonia TourismBeyond Noumea, you can visit the winery at Cave Perrin and the orchards at the Amieu Pass near Sarramea.
  • Blue River Provincial Park
    Enjoy the picnic and camping spots, river swimming and forest hikes in this Southern Province park. Visitors must make a reservation with the Noumea and Southern Province Tourist Office not later than 24 hours prior to their visit.
  • Madeleine Waterfall
    The beautiful Madeleine Falls are part of a protected wilderness area off Yaté Road, with lovely picnic spots and swimming holes.
  • Yaté Dam
    Take in the spectacular views over Yaté Lake from this 45m-high dam.
  • Ilot Casy
    At the centre of the Bay of Prony, this lovely nature reserve is a former convict settlement and has some interesting relics dating from that era.
  • Ouen Island
    Take a trip from Port Moselle out to Ouen island, renowned for its turtles and jade mines.
  • Isle of Pines
    Spend a day or two relaxing on this pine-covered island, famous for its pristine beaches, caves and excellent snorkelling and diving.
  • Bourail
    Bourail Museum © New Caledonia TourismOn the north-west coast, the former convict settlement of Bourail has historic buildings and a small museum documenting the area's cultural history. Nearby is the Pierced Rock.
  • The Pierced Rock
    This huge cliff, riddled with caves, ends with Le Bonhomme, a giant monolith sculpted by the pounding waves. A steep path which begins on the beach, next to the rock, leads to Belvédère Lookout with its breathtaking views.
  • Poé Beach
    On the north-west coast near Bourail, Poé is one of the Mainland's most lovely beaches with 20km of fine white sand and a crystal-clear lagoon.
  • World War II NZ & Arab Cemetery
    The cemetery contains the well-kept graves of the NZ and Arab soldiers who were stationed in the Southern Province during World War II.
  • Bay of Turtles
    This pristine bay is fringed with pines and sometimes visited by turtles. The picnic area is popular all year round, although the white sand surf beach has strong currents.