• Southern Province
    A night out in Noumea © New Caledonia TourismBeautiful beaches, tropical islets, nature parks and fascinating rock formations all contribute to the character of this province, which encompasses the southern part of the Main Island (La Grande Terre). Home to the capital of Noumea, and the idyllic Isle of Pines, the Southern Province stretches from the ‘far south’ and the rugged red landscapes of Yaté district, through the mining and farming regions of the west coast, up to the savannah lands of Poya.
  • Noumea
    New Caledonia’s sophisticated capital blends French elegance with the warmth of Melanesia. The city's streets are buzzing with shops, pavement restaurants, nightlife, and an irresistible joie de vivre.
  • Isle of Pines
    Located off the South Coast, this pine-covered island is famous for its pristine beaches, hidden caves and excellent snorkelling and diving.
  • Northern Province
    This diverse province encompasses the northern half of Main Island (La Grande Terre). The west coast is a stock farming region with wide open spaces overlooked by mountains bearing the signs of mining. The northern coastline is rugged but softened with lovely beaches near Poum, Malabou and the Bay of Pam. On the more tropical east coast a major attraction is Hienghène with its beautiful bay, cultural centre and fascinating rock formations. Churches, caves, abandoned mines and the longest river in New Caledonia are other highlights in the Northern Province.
  • Loyalty Islands
    Boating © New Caledonia TourismThese unspoilt islands, including Lifou, Maré, Ouvéa and Tiga, have magnificent white sand beaches, sheer cliffs and thick forest. Enjoy diving, boating, deep sea fishing, nature walks and cross-country biking.
  • Snorkelling and Diving
    New Caledonia is considered one of the best scubadiving locations in the Pacific, and snorkelling is also excellent.
  • Horse trekking
    A range of horseback excursions explore New Caledonia’s beautiful inland areas.