Niue Fact Sheet

Niuean and English are widely spoken in Niue. The following are Niuean words which are handy to learn:

  • Greetings or hello Fakalofa lahi atu
  • Thank you  Fakaue lahi
  • Please = Fakamolemole
  • Eat = Kai
  • Drink = Inu
  • Good luck = Kia monuina 
  • House = Fale

Must Bring!
Sunscreen, hat, mosquito repellent, reef shoes, strong shoes.

Travel agents
Peleni’s Travel, phone 4317, are the travel agents and inbound tour operators.

Niue is a tropical island, warm during the day with a pleasant drop in temperature at night. Like all South Pacific tropical islands, Niue has two seasons. The dry season is from April to November and the wet season from December to March. The average yearly maximum temperature ranges from 27-30deg, and the average yearly minimum temperature ranges from 19-23deg.

Supermarkets and stores are located in Alofi and stock a full range of groceries, frozen goods and hardware. Most shops are open from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and Saturdays 4pm-7.30pm. There are generally one or two stores in most villages around the island which open during early mornings or evenings. Some smaller shops are open on weekends for groceries, and residents in the villages will happily direct you to the nearest shop.

The ‘makete’ or ‘market’ runs twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays in the village of Alofi from 6am. Fresh produce - fruit, vegetables, live uga (coconut crabs) and fresh fish, along with food that has been traditionally prepared and cooked in a ground oven or ‘umu’. Handcrafts are also for sale so get there early for the best bargains.

Quarantine Information
All food, animal products, plant material and other goods taken from Niue, must be declared to the Quarantine Office located at Hanan Airport Terminal, prior to flight departure.

Currency: The New Zealand dollar is legal tender.
Currency restrictions: there are no restrictions on the import or export of local or foreign currency. The Bank of the South Pacific is located in Alofi. Its opening hours are Monday to Thursday 9am-3pm and Friday 8.30am-3.30pm. There is no ATM machine available.

Passports: required by all. Visas: not required by bona fide tourists staying less than 30 days with return or onward tickets and sufficient funds for length of stay. Extensions are available by applying to the Immigration Office before arrival, PO Box 67, Alofi. Ph 4349. Departure Tax: NZ$34 for all people aged over 12yrs. Duty Free: Each visitor to Niue 18 years and over may bring in 3 x 1125ml bottle of spirits, or 3 x 1125ml bottles of wine, or 3 x 1125ml bottles of liqueur, or a combination of the above provided that it does not exceed 3.5 litres; or 8 litres of beer (cans only) and 1 x carton of cigarettes (200 cigarettes) or 250gms of tobacco. Do note that that beer bottles will be confiscated by customs staff on arrival and returned when visitors leave Niue. Restricted imports: Firearms and ammunition. Restricted exports: Artefacts, coral and valuable shells, email Arriving yachts please check for clearance and mooring fee details.

Cultural Respect
Wearing swimwear in villages and town is not accepted other than at swimming areas. A paleu (sarong) is often worn around swimwear in public. Tropical attire (lightweight suits, casualwear) to suit the weather is best.

Getting Around
There are 123km (76 miles) of paved roads in Niue. Driving is on the left side. There are taxis available. Vehicles can be hired from several rental companies on the island. A local licence may be obtained from the Niue Police Department on presentation of your national driver’s licence, a minimal fee will apply. The speed limit is 40km/hr within villages and 60km/hr on open roads.

Travel – International
Air New Zealand services Niue with weekly flights from Auckland. Approximate  flight time from Auckland is 3.2 hours. Niue’s International Airport, Hanan (IUE), is less than 10 minutes from the main town Alofi. Please check our website for the latest flight details.

Drinking water is from natural spring and rain water but there is bottled water available if preferred. If you have any special concerns, please check with the Niue Tourism and Information Office, email or nearest travel agent before departure. Niue has one hospital (Niue Foou), phone (00683) 4100.