• Sandy Coves
    Niue is a raised coral island which means there are no long stretches of beach. Sandy coves are found around the coast and discovering your favourite is part of the adventure.
  • Caves & Chasms
    The explorer Captain James Cook, noted a variety of curious caves. Niue’s coastline is punctuated by literally hundreds of magnificent caves and chasms, all are unique and some, where the sea no longer invades, are used for the storage of canoes; others are ancient burial places. Many are still being formed, with stalagmites and stalactites in all stages of development.
  • Diving
    Diving in Niue is world class. Access to the reef is easy, and the small human population and its relative distance from neighbouring islands means the marine life is rich and diverse. Being close to the Tonga Trench and the Samoa Basin, very deep ocean is but a stone’s throw from land with underwater visibility of up to 70 metres, amongst the best in the world. Full dive charter, education and equipment hire are available from Niue Dive Ph/Fax 4311, who are certified to PADI Course Instructor level. Contact them directly or via the Matavai Resort.
  • Fishing
    Easy access to very deep water ensures outstanding fishing and game fishing. Charter services are available upon demand so please enquire at the Niue Tourism and Information Office, email niuetourism@mail.gov.nu for details.
  • Forests
    Niue’s forests abound in myths and legends. There are sacred places deep in the forest where no one goes. In the Huvalu Rainforest, visitors are shown the trees and plants used by Niueans over the years and their uses are explained by local tour guides.
  • Traditional Arts
    Traditional arts can be bought at several outlets around the island. Niuean handcrafts are noted for their quality and original design.  Hats, baskets, handbags and mats are made from local materials. Each village has their own particular day to get together and weave, and visitors are welcome to observe and participate. Check at the Tourism Office for more information.
  • Nightlife
    There are regular village dances, mainly on Friday and Saturday nights. Visitors are welcome. The Niue Golf and Sports Club (Top Club), Clayton’s Bay, Island Style and Matavai Resort are popular. Pacific Way Bar, Nukututaha Club, Alofi Rugby Club and Clayton’s Bar are Sports Bar venues. Falala Fa Bar and Washaways Café are also open late.
  • Shell Collecting
    local shell expert is happy to share his knowledge and show you his shell collection. For conservation purposes there are several species which are protected and the taking of shells using scuba gear is prohibited. Please note that under internationally accepted United Nations regulations, only the tiniest fragments of bleached, washed-up coral can be carried across borders as souvenirs.
  • Sports
    Alofi has two gyms and others have opened in Mutalau, Hakupu and Avatele. Visitors are welcome to join in with local sports events. These include ‘ta kilikiki’ (traditional cricket), volleyball, netball, rugby, rugby league, touch rugby, tennis and golf. The Hash House Harriers run every Monday. Enquire at the Niue Tourism and Information Office, email niuetourism@mail.gov.nu for venues.
  • Sports Club
    The Niue Golf and Sports Club (or Top Club as it is known locally) welcomes visitors and has a well-stocked bar. Dart tournaments are often played in the evenings. The Top Club is a great place to mingle with local people. For more information contact the Niue Tourism and Information Office in Alofi, email niuetourism@mail.gov.nu
  • Swimming
    Crystal-clear, unpolluted waters surround Niue. For the more adventurous, there is the opportunity to dive off the rocks into Matapa Chasm. Snorkelling is well worthwhile and Limu, Matapa Chasm and Avaiki are favourite snorkelling spots.
  • Vaipapahi Farm
    Visitors can see various plants that are being tested for Niue’s climatic conditions, like vanilla, durian, guava, limes and more.
  • Exploring Niue
    Fishing, diving, canoe (Vaka) rides, reef walking and other tours offered. Explore the Noni Farm just past and opposite to Vaiea Village. Enquire at the Niue Tourism and Information Office, email niuetourism@mail.gov.nu