Whale Watching in Niue

Whales are among the largest mammals on earth, and the warm Pacific waters of Niue are one of only three places in the world where you can actually swim with these majestic creatures. If you’re searching for a Pacific holiday with a difference, a whale watching adventure in Niue could be just the answer.

There's no need to go chasing whales in the open ocean if you're in Niue. In the warm offshore waters of the tiny raised atoll, whale sightings are almost guaranteed. Both pods and individual whales shelter in the bays around Avatele and Tamakautoga. The crystal clear waters of Niue are very deep, so you don’t need to go far to see these stunning creatures.

Whales head to Niue's warm waters to rest and calve between June and November, and can be viewed from anywhere on the southwest coast. Niue Dive currently run whale watching trips which offer great views of the whales out at sea and from underwater.

Diving in Niue - the world’s largest coral atoll - is an amazing experience as the water is warm and visibility can be up to 80m. Niue is also home to several pods of swimmer dolphins that are a delight to swim with.  Contact Niue Dive for more information: niuedive@niue.nu

Sunday in Niue is a day of rest but there are few places that are open and many of the self explorative tracks are still accessible on Sundays.  For more information contact the Visitor Information Centre on info@niueisland.com

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