Museums on Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island Museum complex is located in Kingston, one of the most historic sites in Australasia.

The Pier Store
Open Monday - Saturday 11am-3pm. Located beside Kingston Pier.

The Pier Store houses two collections - artefacts from the HMS Sirius are housed on the lower floor of this fascinating museum.  The upper floor reflects the history of the Third Settlement encompassing the drama of mutiny on the Bounty, the Pitcairners arrival on Norfolk Island and their island life since 1856.
  • HMS Sirius artefacts
    Wander through the exhibition that tells of the fateful wreck of the HMS Sirius and the recovery of the artefacts. The story of the flagship of the First Fleet and its wrecking in 1790 at Slaughter Bay is told. Artefacts include a two ton anchor, carrondaes, canon balls, brass sextant, coins and personal items belonging to the crew and convicts at the time of the sinking. A 25 minute video 'Search for the Sirius' details the recover of the artefacts during 3 expeditions in the 1980's.
  • Pitcairns and Norfolk Islands Gallery
    The history of Norfolk's Third Settlement - the Pitcairn Islanders - is told. Artefacts include a canon from the Bounty and the Bounty kettle, which was used on Pitcairn Island for everything from cooking to producing liquor. The story of the mutiny is told here and the settlement of the Pitcairners on Norfolk. The Melanesian Mission, whaling industry and island culture are also displayed.

No 10 Quality Row
Open Monday - Sunday 11am-3pm. Located on Quality Row.

The only home in Quality Row open to the public. This House Museum is a Second Settlement Georgian styled home built in 1844 for the Foreman of Works. Thomas Seller was it's first occupant and was also responsible for overseeing the building of many of the houses along Quality Row.

Commissariat Store
Open Monday - Saturday 11am-3pm. Located under All Saints Church.

This dates back to 1835, when it was built for storing grain, meat, liquor and other foodstuffs. Today it is an archaeological museum featuring a vast array of items from false teeth to fine china. The collection takes you through all Settlements on Norfolk Island:

  • The Polynesian settlement prior to European arrival between 750 and 1450
  • The First Penal Settlement between 1788 and 1814
  • The Second Penal Settlement between 1825 and 1855
  • The Third Settlement by the Pitcairn Islanders from 1856

Many of the artefacts on display have been recovered during archeological digs on the island. The story of digs on the Island and the processes of archaeology are also told. A 50 minute video 'A Norfolk Legacy' is shown on demand. This wonderful video gives an insight into Norfolk culture and industry by Norfolk Islanders telling their own stories.

Other Museums
These include the Bounty Folk Museum, Lion Club photographic display, Museum of Natural History and The South Pacific Display Centre.

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