Norfolk Island National Park

Visitors can experience natural Norfolk Island on the walking tracks and roads of the Norfolk Island National Park. The National Park has nine signposted walking tracks which vary in terms of distance, difficulty and the types of scenery. Walks wind through lush palm forests and stands of Norfolk Island pine, and some lead visitors to remarkable views of the island and the surrounding ocean.

Norfolk Island's flora and fauna are quite unique, with more than 40 different kinds of plants and animals that are not found anywhere else. Hear the distinctive 'kek-kek-kek' call of the endangered green parrot in the forest or view the many seabirds visible from the coastal walks. Whether you enjoy breathtaking coastal views or lush rainforest, you will find a tranquil haven to suit you somewhere in the park.

The Botanic Garden walks of the Norfolk Island National Park near the intersection of Mt Pitt and Mission Roads will be of particular interest for gardeners. The newly refurbished Mount Pitt Road offers panoramic views of the island and is accessible by car, while the summit of Mount Pitt gives superb views across the island and out to Nepean and Phillip Islands to the south. Walks from here access all parts of the Norfolk Island National Park. Smaller reserves dotted around the coastline have a variety of walks, allowing access to lesser known parts of the island. Birdwatching is also rewarding.

Walking Times
The tracks are rated gentle to moderate and take between 20 and 90 minutes (none is longer than 3.8km). The walking times indicated on signs along the track are for a one-way journey. Sufficient time has been allowed for you to walk at any easy pace with stops. For your comfort and safety, please wear sensible footwear. Bare feet, thongs or high heels are not advisable. Extra care is needed after rain when the tracks may become slippery. Park staff are available weekdays to provide further information.

Further Information
A free pamphlet containing walking times and maps is available from the Norfolk Island Visitors Information Centre and the Norfolk Island National Parks & Wildlife Office.
Norfolk Island Visitor Map

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