The World of Norfolk Visitor Info 2010

The World of Norfolk Visitor Info 2010

The World of Norfolk Visitor Info 2010


Norfolk Island has more than 70 accommodation options including resort hotel/motel rooms, island-style houses and luxury cottages, self-contained apartments and cottages, and studio rooms. Many are set in spacious grounds offering panoramic sea or valley views. Accommodation ratings are carried to Australian Automobile Association International Ratings Standards. For more information about accommodation on Norfolk Island, see your travel agent or visit and


Airport & Airlines

  • All flights to Norfolk Island are affected by global airport security rules for taking liquids, aerosols and gels onto international flights. For further information, visit When leaving Norfolk Island, you may need to pack your duty free into your checked luggage, depending on your destination.
  • The International Airport is just minutes from the centre of town on Douglas Drive.
  • Air New Zealand  operates a weekly service, departing on Saturdays from Auckland (1hr 45min).
  • Norfolk Air operates regular services from Sydney (2hr 30min), Brisbane (2hr 10min), Newcastle (2hr 30min) and Melbourne (3hr 15min). See your Travel Agent for bookings or go to

Banking & Currency

  • Australian dollars are used on Norfolk Island.
  • Westpac Bank & Commonwealth Bank, Burnt Pine, open Monday to Thursday
  • 9.30am-4pm; Friday 9.30am-5pm.
  • A 24-hour ATM is available at the Commonwealth Bank, and a Cashcard ATM at Island Realty.
  • Major credit cards and travellers cheques are accepted at most places.
  • EFTPOS is available in many establishments.

Camping is not permitted for visitors to Norfolk Island, although residents can obtain a permit to camp during summer months.

These include Church of England, Uniting, Community Church, Jehovah's Witness, Bahai, Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist. Call into the Visitors Information Centre for service times.


  • Norfolk Island enjoys a mild subtropical climate with an average humidity of 74-79%.
  • The wettest months are May to August, and the driest are November to January.
  • Summer (October to March): Average maximum temperatures of 23-25°C (evenings are about 6°cooler).
  • Winter (April to September): Average maximum temperatures of 18-19°C.

Casual lightweight clothes can be worn for most of the year, but bring warm clothes during the cooler months of June to September. A light jacket is recommended for summer evenings. Be sure to bring good walking shoes, a hat, sun glasses and sunscreen.


  • Several internet cafés are located in the main shopping district of Burnt Pine.
  • For telephone and fax services, Norfolk Telecom is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Phone booths are open 7 days a week.
  • A mobile phone service is available when you purchase a local sim card. Global roaming is expected to be introduced in the near future.
  • Postal and fax services, phonecards and a Philatelic Bureau are available at Norfolk Post in Burnt Pine. Open Monday to Friday. Norfolk Island has its own stamp and postal service.
  • The international phone code for Norfolk Island is 6723.
  • A television relay of Australian channels: ABC, SBS, ATN7, Imparja plus local television station NITV.
  • The local radio station 2NI broadcasts daily Monday to Sunday from 7am 1566khz AM band and 89.9 FM band.
  • There are 2 local papers produced weekly and these are a good source of information for local events.

Customs & Quarantine

  • The duty-free allowance for passengers over 18 years of age is 2.25 litres of alcohol and 250 grams of tobacco products.
  • Imports of fruit, vegetables, flowers and seeds are strictly prohibited.
  • Pork and poultry from New Zealand are strictly prohibited.

You'll be dipping into a foodie's paradise on Norfolk Island with more than 30 restaurants, cafes and clubs to choose from if you're dining out. On the menu, you'll find delicious locally grown produce that includes seasonal vegetables, herbs, salad greens and fruit, and delectable fresh seafood. From sophisticated restaurants and garden cafés to island-style fish fries and barbecues, there is something to tempt everyone – and you can round it all out with a locally brewed coffee, beer or liqueur.

Driving & Car Rental

  • There is no public transport, so rental vehicles are the most practical way to see the sights. There is one taxi service, but you will need to book.
  • A current driver's licence is required and the minimum age for renting a car is 21 years.
  • Car hire starts from about $30 per day, and a daily insurance cost is also payable directly to the rental company.
  • Driving is on the left hand side of the road.
  • There is a general speed limit of 50km/hr; dropping to 40km/hr in the shopping centre, 25km/h in the National Park and 30km/h along the waterfront at Kingston Historic Area.
  • Cows and Kingston geese have right of way on the roads.

240 volts AC/50 cycles, 3-pin Australian-style plug. Use a surge protector for computers and other delicate electronic equipment.

Entry Requirements
All visitors require a passport or Australian Document of Identity valid for longer than their period of intended stay, plus onward/return airline ticket and proof of accommodation. Australians can obtain a Document of Identity from Australia Post, free of charge. Passports not from Australia/New Zealand must be valid for at least 1 month beyond intended stay. An Australian visa is required unless holding an Australian/New Zealand passport or Norfolk Island Permanent Resident visa label. Australian visa must be valid for 30 days beyond period of intended stay. If arriving via Australia, a multiple entry visa is required.
Persons who comply with entry requirements will usually be deemed to have been granted a visitors permit on arrival allowing a stay of up to 30 days. Extensions are subject to a fee and may be granted by contacting the Norfolk Island Immigration Department after arrival, phone 22 140 ext 2.

Norfolk Island is located 1610km ENE of Sydney, 1063km NNW of Auckland, 772km SE of Noumea. The total land area is 3855ha. Two small uninhabited islands – Nepean Island and Phillip Island, both bird sanctuaries – lie to the south.

English, but you'll often hear the islanders speaking the Norfolk language, Norf'k - one of the rarest in the world. This is a mix of Tahitian and Old English inherited from the Bounty mutineers. Try out some of the following phrases:

  • Hello Hey Yorlyi
  • Hello and how are you? Watawieh yorlyi
  • I'm good I guud  
  • Thank you Thanks fe me or darset (that’s all)  
  • See you tomorrow/ good bye Si yorlyi morla

Local Time
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 11.5 hours. Norfolk Island is 1.5 hours ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time and, during summertime, a half hour ahead of Sydney and 1.5 hours behind New Zealand.

Low-tax Shopping 
Norfolk Island offers a good range of low-tax shopping across a variety of goods including perfumes, clothing and footwear, household goods, jewellery and Lego (the cheapest in the world). Travellers can get 30% off any purchase of spirits or liqueurs from the Norfolk Island Liquor Bond. There are no duty-free alcohol purchases available on Sunday.

Medical Services
Norfolk Island Hospital provides a dental clinic, pharmacy and 24-hour emergency service. Private travel insurance is recommended, as Australian Medicare does not extend to Norfolk Island.

  • Doctor, phone 22 091 (hospital).
  • Dentist, phone 22 910.

About 1800 residents consisting of 40% Norfolk Islanders, 35% Australians and 25% New Zealanders. Numbers rise to 2800 during peak holiday times.

Most accommodation places offer full laundry services and there is also a laundry service on Taylors Road. The local gym and fitness centre offers special rates to visitors. Petrol stations are open daily until 6pm. There is one super mart and petrol station open until 9pm, in addition to the main supermarket.

Tours & Transport

  • There is no public transport but a taxi service is available on request, and tour buses will also transfer from the airport if pre-arranged.
  • Tours can be joined at a central point in town, and some will pick up at your accommodation.
  • Mountain bikes and cars can be hired to explore the island independently.

Visitor Information
Norfolk Visitor Information Centre – Burnt Pine, Taylors Road.
FREE CALL PHONE: (NZ) 0800 359 4373 (AUST) 1800 214 603
Phone 6723 22 147  Email [email protected]


  • Ambulance, Doctor or Hospital – phone 911
  • Police & Volunteer Rescue – phone 977
  • Fire – phone 955