Surfing in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is relatively new on the world map as a surf destination, but that doesn’t mean the breaks aren’t just as challenging.

Port Moresby
The best beaches are around Hula, 100km east of Port Moresby, with the best conditions from June to September. Closer to town, at Taurama Point, you’ll find the Sero Surf Club.

New Ireland
The provincial capital of Kavieng is a surfer's paradise. There are many good breaks close to town which are easily accessible by boat or vehicle. Nusa Island Retreat, based on Nusa Lik Island, has accommodation and caters for surfers.

Lido Village, 8km west of Vanimo, has a good surf beach and a guesthouse catering for surfers. They hire surfboards and bicycles. Aitape also has surf beaches and accommodation.

East Sepik
There are some good breaks for surfers around the provincial capital of Wewak.

For further information, contact: Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea NCD.