Bora Bora Travel Guide

Known as the Pearl of Polynesia, Bora Bora is world-famous for the stunning multi-coloured lagoon which surrounds it. The twin peaks of Mount Otemanu (727m) and Mount Pahia dominate Bora Bora's skyline, forming a dramatic backdrop to the island's white sand beaches. Scattered offshore in a protective necklace of coral are many idyllic motu (islets) fringed by coconut palms. The principal village of Bora Bora is Vaitape, which sits at the head of the island's only navigable pass. From here, a 29km partially sealed road encircles the island, passing by villages and archaeological sites. There are also bunkers and old canons left over from World War II, when American GIs were posted on Bora Bora.
Take a travel holiday/vacation to Bora Bora - Tahiti's Pearl of Polynesia.

Population: 5,767 
Area: Bora Bora lies 259km northwest of Tahiti, surrounded by a stunning multi-coloured lagoon 
Climate: Sunny and pleasant year-round. Average daytime temperatures are about 26ºC
Hot season: November to March.
Rainy season: Most rain falls during the most humid months from December to February.
Cooler season: April to October.
Major attractions: Circle Trip, Mt Pahia, Marae Sites, Matiri Beach, Tahi Point, Faanui Bay, Shark Feeding, Fishing, Diving & Snorkelling, Hiro's Bells, Stone Fishing Festival 

  • Circle Trip
    Visitors can hire motor canoes, cycles, motor scooters and landrovers to explore the island and its villages. The 32km coast road is almost entirely flat and ideal for cycling.
  • Mount Pahia
    Walkers can climb Mount Pahia, overlooking Vaitape, for panoramic views. The climb takes about 5 hours return - pack a picnic to enjoy at the top.
  • Marae Sites
    There are remains of several ancient worship sites (marae) on the main island. The most important is Marae Marotetini on the headland west of Farepiti wharf. The great stone ahu is 50m long and up to 3m high. Turtle petroglyphs mark some of the stones at Marae Fare-Opu. There is another large site at Marae Taianapa just past Faanui village.
  • Matira Beach
    The island's best sandy beach. At the eastern edge of Hotel Matira, a walking trail runs up to a battery of WW II coastal defence guns.
  • Hawaiki Nui Canoe Race
    This three-day outrigger canoe race from Huahine ends in Bora Bora at the public beach on the west side of Matira Point.
  • Taihi Point
    A steep track leads to an old radar station on Popotei Ridge, and continues to a lookout with fine views above Faanui village.
  • Faanui Bay
    This picturesque bay was the site of a US military base during World War II, and there are still wartime relics to be found here. There are tours to visit World War II sites, and also marae sites.
  • Shark Feeding
    Bora Bora is famous for its shark feeding excursions. From about 2m away, visitors can watch the guide feeding reef sharks, as well as other tropical fish. There's also an opportunity to feed and touch grey rays.
  • Fishing
    Deep sea fishing is available off the island's sheltered waters, offering catches of marlin, wahoo, yellowfin, tuna, sailfish and mahi mahi.
  • Diving & Snorkelling
    The lagoon's clear warm waters provide excellent snorkelling and diving. Manta rays can be seen gliding through the water in groups of up to 10. Good lagoon dive spots are at Too Pua, Anau (good for ray spotting), Toopua Iti and the reef near the airport on Mute Motu. Ocean dives include Tapu, Tipitipiti and Muri Muri. The marine reserve of Hotel Bora Bora is good for snorkelling.
  • Hiro's Bells
    Located on the Toopua motu, these echoing rocks have been christened Hiro's bells.
  • Stone Fishing Festival
    Held in the last week of October, this annual festival features singing, dancing, craft displays, fruit-carrying races, fishing contests, canoe races and a fire-walking ceremony.
  • Other Activities
    Visitors can choose from outrigger speed canoe excursions, picnics on a motu, catamaran cruising, barbecue parties, boat trips around the island, waterskiing, sailing, helicopter tours and mountain sightseeing tours. Most activities can be booked at accommodation venues.