Tonga - The Niuas

Remote and unspoiled, the far-flung Niuas (Niuatoputapu and Niuafo’ou) are Tonga’s least developed island group, and a place where you can enjoy a true taste of the South Pacific as it used to be. Tongan traditions remain very much a part of life here and most of the residents still live in traditional thatched fales. The islands offer a mellow pace of life, The Niuas Tonga © Tonga Visitors Bureauand visitors who venture here will receive a warm welcome in return for their effort.

Hihifo, on Niuatoputapu’s north-west tip, is the group’s main town and home to a bank, post office, general store and police station. The island is great for walkers and is surrounded by dazzling white sand beaches. You can go cycling, climb to the top of an extinct volcano, enjoy a bushwalk or swim or go snorkelling to see the colourful marinelife in the lagoon.

Palm Tree Island Resort, phone (676) 85 090; email, on the islet of Hunganga, is an ideal place to stay in the Niuas. It’s very peaceful and the resort can accommodate a maximum of eight people. The resort offers fishing, snorkelling and walking trips, or just relax on the beach and enjoy the island’s tranquil beautyTonga Visitor Guide.

Getting There
The local passenger ferry MV Olovaha travels to the Niuas once a month. The domestic airline, Airlines Tonga, usually flies twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), although at present the runway is closed. Please contact Airlines Tonga or Tonga Visitors Bureau for an update before making your travel arrangements to the Niuas, email

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