Tonga - Plants & Animals

Frangipani © Tonga Visitors BureaTonga’s flora and fauna represent a South Pacific environment that is unique as it is beautiful. A profusion of hibiscus, frangipani, bird of paradise and other flowers create oasis of colour among the coconut groves, pandanus and banana plantations. The lush rainforest, mudflats and the surrounding lagoons and reefs are home to a wealth of bird and marine life.

Birdlife includes sea-faring frigate Humpback Whale © Tonga Visitors Bureabirds, waders like the Pacific golden plover and Pacific black duck, swiftlets, Pacific swallows, the Tongan whistler (hengehenga), and blue-crowned lorikeets (henga). One unique species found in the islands is the famous peka or flying fox (fruit bats). These can be seen clinging by day to the high trees at the village of Kolovai on Tongatapu Island. 'Eua's bright red and green parrot, the koki, is unique to the island, and the group is also home to the endangered megapode (malau), which Tonga Visitor Guideleaves its eggs to incubate in the hot volcanic soil of Niuafo’ou Island.

Beneath the sea, Tonga’s beautiful coral gardens are packed with brightly coloured tropical reef fish. From the shore, you can often spot flying fish, dolphins, porpoises and humpback whales. The huge humpbacks can often be seen breaching the water between June and November, especially in the warm waters of the Vava'u Group.

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