Preparing Food © Tonga Visitors BureauIn the south of Tonga, the Tongatapu Group is a mixture of raised coral limestone and volcanic islands. Tongatapu Island is the heart of the Tongatapu Group and home to the capital of Nuku’alofa – the residence of the Royal Family and reigning monarch, King George Tupou V. Tongatapu’s terrain is pancake flat so it is easy to explore by car or bike, or simply walk around and discover the island’s natural beauty and historic attractions. There are ancient monuments and terraced tombs (langi), peaceful villages, limestone caves and spectacular blowholes to explore.

Mountainous ‘Eua, Tongatapu’s sister island, lies 40km south of Nuku’alofa. ‘Eua is an ideal destination for those in search of adventure and boasts the best trekking in Tonga. Hilly and thickly forested, ‘Eua is a peaceful spot and largely undeveloped, with spectacular high cliffs at its northern end and numerous caves and sinkholes. The Tongatapu Group is fringed by a maze of motus (islets) and magnificent coral reefs teeming with colourful tropical fish. You'll find great snorkelling and diving, good game fishing and laidback island resorts to visit.

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