Funafuti Atoll Travel Guide

Tuvalu's tiny capital of Funafuti is just 2.8 sq km and has a population of 4,500. Vaiaku village on Fongafale Islet is the main business centre and home to the International airport. The largest of Funafuti’s islets, Fongafale is 12km long and very narrow. It was formerly a base for American bombers during World War II, and there are still some old war relics. The atoll is renowned for its vast lagoon - 24km long and 18km wide - which has several reef passages. The Funafuti Conservation Area on the atoll’s western side is a great place for snorkelling. There is limited accommodation at Funafala Islet in the south.

Take a vacation to Funafuti Atoll and explore the capital of Tuvalu.

  • Funafuti Conservation Area
    This protected area on the western side of Funafuti Atoll contains 6 islets and 33 sq km of lagoon, reef and ocean environments. It offers superb snorkelling, swimming and picnic opportunities. Marinelife includes dolphins and manta rays, while on land there are green turtle and seabird nesting sites.
  • War Relics
    World War II relics include an underground bunker at the northen tip of Fongafale, and an old tank near the wharf.
  • Funufala Islet
    An hour by boat from the main island of Funafuti, this beautiful island is ideal for a day trip or weekend excursion and provides an authentic tropical experience for those who don't have time to visit the outer islands. There is a tidal sand beach at the village.
  • Other Activities
    People who holiday here generally organise their own entertainment. Options include birdwatching, snorkelling, swimming, fishing, reefwalking and beachcombing. Some hotels and guesthouses have cycles and motorcyles for hire, and others offer lagoon and picnic cruises to the islets, as well as fishing trips.

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