Diving & Fishing in Vanuatu

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Vanuatu boasts a full range of dive spots, including World War II wrecks, coral gardens, caves, chasms, drop-offs and walls. World-class dives are scattered through the archipelago with several scuba sites close to Port Vila, including the wreck of the Star of Russia and the Black Sand Reef. Elsewhere, Vanuatu’s underwater world is largely virgin territory. In particular, Espiritu Santo is famous for its superb wreck diving, including the SS Coolidge – a converted US troop carrier sunk by mines during World War II and now a magnet for divers the world over. As long as you’re over 12 and healthy, you can learn to scuba dive. Most local dive tour-operators offer a beginner course. There is a four to five day training course which will bring you up to international open-water certification standard. 

Dive Operators

Game Fishing
©John Nicholls - Fishing TripWarm tropical ocean currents, vibrant reef systems and uncrowded waters – a fishing trip to Vanuatu is a truly remarkable experience. Vanuatu is renowned as one of the Pacific's game fishing hot spots. Fishing charters are moored at the waterfront in Port Vila, offering everything from deep-sea fishing to reef, fly and sport fishing. Besides the stunning scenery and relaxed atmosphere that’s synonymous with Vanuatu, you will be able to fish among untouched reefs, live volcanoes and underwater sea mounts. Vanuatu's tropical climate and warm ocean currents bring a wide variety of fish to these crystal clear waters. You’ll find giant trevally, queenfish, bonito, wahoo, mahi mahi, marlin and son on. Black Marlin of 400kg have even been caught!

Fishing Charters 

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