• Epule River Custom Village Efate © John NichollsCustom Villages
    Tours visit Efate's custom villages allowing you to experience Ni-Vanuatu culture and traditions, and share in village life.
  • Star of Russia
    The ‘star’ of the wreck dives is not to be missed. The wreck of this 89m schooner lies about 300m west of the main wharf, and is home to scores of multi-coloured fish.
  • Malapoa Point
    US forces discarded ammunition here at the end of WWII. The fine coral gardens of Malapoa Reef lie just beyond.
  • Klem’s Hill Look Out
    Magnificent views across to Port Vila and Mele Island can be seen from KlPort Vila Downtown © John Nichollsem’s Hill (near Mele village), where the steep road climbs to 200m above sea level. Entry charged.
  • Mele-Maat Cascades
    This impressive 20m waterfall is located at the bottom of Klem’s Hill. Visitors can stroll up to the falls through the lush tropical bush of the cascade Botanical Garden. There are some good natural swimming pools. Entry charged.
  • The Secret Island Outdoor Culture Centre and Nature Reserve
    A fantastic way to experience Vanuatu’s custom and culture, birdlife and wildlife, and flora and fauna. Set in more than 2 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens. Entry Charged. Phone (678) 26 222.
  • Siviri Village
    The village enjoys fine views across Undine Bay towards the rugged Nguna, Pele and Emao islands. Valeafau Cave is just before the village, and there’s a good picnic spot on the shore shortly after the village turn-off.
  • Snorkelling © John NichollsEton Beach & Eton Blue Hole
    This safe, sandy swimming beach is one of the Efate’s nicest. South of the village, on the eastern side of the road, is a blue hole fed by the ocean. Entry Charged.
  • Beaches
    Eton Beach, 43km to the east of Port Vila, is the most popular beach for visitors on Efate. Located on the edge of a freshwater creek, the beach has safe swimming and white sandy coves. Also popular are the beaches at Takara and Undine Bay, Erakor Island and the black sand beach at Mele Bay.
  • Diving  & Snorkelling
    Efate accesses some of the best dive sites in the South Pacific, with wrecks, reefs, drop offs and caves to explore. On the north side of EfateSunset Cruise © John Nicholls is Dive Hat Island, with a host of Gorgonia fans, soft corals, sea whips and numerous tunnels. Hideaway Island has excellent snorkelling and dive sites including a clown fish colony, while nearby Ghost Train reef is famous for its Blacksands cave, teeming with lion fish.
  • Horse Riding
    Join a horse trek through the coconut plantations to enjoy views of the countryside.
  • Boating, Sailing & Kayaking 
    Vanuatu Visitor GuideVanuatu Visitor MapOcean kayakers can opt for a multi-day trip, camping overnight on deserted beaches, while local sailing charters and boat tours will take you to explore Vanuatu's beautiful offshore islands.

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