Wildlife & Parks of Vanuatu

Plants & Animals
The tropical climate and fertile soils support a wide range of flora from tropical rainforests to thick natural vegetation including grassland and secondary growth. More pristine areas can contain as many as 1500 species of flowers, ferns, shrubs, vines and trees. Orchids festoon the trees in many areas - there are 158 BlueHole, Espitiru Santo © John Nichollsspecies of which 40 are endemic. Wildlife includes the native flying foxes, land and sea birds (more than 100 species), dolphins, whales and turtles and dugongs (sea cows). The dugong is the Vanuatu’s largest resident mammal and the world’s only herbivorous marine mammal. The country’s numerous fringing reefs are also home to some 300 species of coral and more than 450 species of reef fish, making the island a haven for snorkellers and divers.

Parks & Reserves
Vanuatu has one national park and about 106 areas declared by the government and local communities as Vanuatu Visitor Guidereserve/conservation areas. The main conservation areas are Million Dollar Point National Park, Loru Conservation area and Vatthe Conservation area, which are all found on Espiritu Vanuatu Visitor MapSanto. 

For further information, email the Environment Unit.

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