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Welcome to the new and improved jasons.co.nz. We hope you find our comprehensive accommodation and sightseeing information for New Zealand, helpful to your travels.

Please contact us at helpdesk@jasons.co.nz if you would like to send us any suggestions, error reports, or functionality issues, and any other changes you would like to see in the future.

Here's what's new at jasons.co.nz:

Jasons has made some changes to the functionality on Jasons.co.nz. The Jasons booking engine, including widgets, was decommissioned on the 1st July 2015, and the PMS API has been turned off.

Potential guests are now linked directly to our advertisers own booking engine, allowing them to manage their own reservations. All booking functionality has been removed from the website. 

New Jasons Fast-find Search Tool

With the new simple Jasons Fast-Find search tool, you can find the information you need about the area you are travelling to in a minimum of clicks.

Just start typing in the name of the location you are searching, select from the options you are presented with, and press Go.

You can then switch between destination information, accommodation or activities in super-quick time by using the drop boxes on the search tool.

Ring the Property or Link Through to the Property’s website

Many websites jealously guard your access to the property you are interested in because they want a commission from any bookings you make.  On those website you won’t find the property’s phone number or links through to the Property’s website for more information.

At Jasons we work alongside the property, and we want you to have as much information about the property that we can provide.  So look for the phone numbers, and the link through to the property’s website – they’re all there and easy to find.

Interactive Map Search

If you prefer a map-based search, that’s simple too.  Click on a region or city on the country map, and you’ll be taken directly to that region or city.  If it is a region, you can then choose between some of the most frequently-searched towns in the region.

Once you have chosen your destination, you can once again vary the type of information you are searching for, using the drop boxes on the search tool.

Filter Your Accommodation Searches

Once you have a set of accommodation search results you can filter them further by checking the boxes on our filter, and hitting the filter button.  If Satellite TV, or a swimming pool, is a “must-have” for you, filter the property results so that only properties with those amenities will be displayed.

Listings Results Display Information and Maps

Most websites give you either a map-based results display, or a text-based results display.  On the all-new Jasons.com you can read the details of properties that meet your search requirements, and see where they are on the map, all at the same time.

We’ve adopted a new wider page standard which allows us to fit both these critical pieces of information on the one page to make browsing properties quicker and easier.