Southern Province Travel Guide

Southern Province Travel Guide

Alamanda Flower © New Caledonia TourismNew Caledonia 's diverse Southern Province is the country's most heavily populated region, and home to the bustling capital of Noumea, with its sophisticated shops, nightlife and fine cuisine. Beyond Noumea, the Southern Province has spectacular white sand beaches, wineries, orchards, deer farms, museums, waterfalls and nature reserves to discover, and plenty of accommodation and activities. Enjoy the lovely picnic and river swimming spots at Blue River Provincial Park, visit the colonial town of Bourail, famous for its unique Pierced Rock, or picnic on the stunning white sands of Poé Beach.

The south of the Southern Province is a wild region where, contrary to appearances, the barren landscape is a haven for rare flora and fauna. There are hiking and mountainbike trails to help you explore this fascinating region. For a relaxing tropical retreat, take a trip to one of the Southern Province's many beautiful islets, or enjoy the snorkelling and diving on The Isle of Pines - one of New Caledonia's most famous beauty spots.


Moderate and sunny with two distinct seasons.
December to March: Warm and humid with moderate rainfalls; average temperature 25.5ºC.
April to November: Cooler and drier; average temperature drops to 20ºC in July and August.

Major Attractions

Noumea, Blue River Provincial Park and Madeleine Falls, Yaté Lake and Dam, Ilot Casy, Ouen Island, Isle of Pines, Bourail and The Pierced Rock, Poe Beach, Bay of Turtles.