Norfolk Island Travel Guide

Norfolk Island Travel Guide

Norfolk Island is a South Pacific paradise like no other - sub-tropical and verdant. With its stately pine trees, haunting history and colourful local culture, Norfolk Island goes beyond the south sea island stereotype of waving palm trees to offer a destination that is unique.

Remote Norfolk Island, just 3455ha, was first settled in 1788 as a penal colony and later became home to descendants of the famous Mutineers of the Bounty. Today's inhabitants are a friendly mix of Norfolk Islanders, Australians and New Zealanders. Norfolk Island is now a shopper's mecca with a large range of low-tax, high quality products from all over the world.

The geological make-up of Norfolk Island is stunning, with cliffs rising steeply out of the ocean, the coastline levelling out to small beaches and a lagoon bordered by protective reefs. The island has patches of sub-tropical rainforest and gently rolling pastureland dotted with Norfolk pines. The sub-tropical climate makes Norfolk Island a pleasant year-round destination with no extremes of temperature. 

Visit Norfolk Island and discover the interesting culture and history of this small nation in the South Pacific.

Geographic Location

1610km ENE of Sydney, Australia; 1063km NNW of Auckland, New Zealand; 772km SE of Noumea, New Caledonia.


2,200 (a third Norfolk Islanders, a third Australians, a third New Zealanders)


Sub-tropical - the temperature rarely falls below 12ºC

Summer - October to March with an average day temperature of 24ºC and cooler evenings.
Winter - April to September with an average day temperature of 17ºC.

Time Zone

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 11.5 hours

Major Attractions

Colourful history, snorkelling & glass-bottom boat tours, diving, Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Gardens, shopping, dining, horse & carriage tours, horse riding, walking, golf, 4WD tours.