Retreat to the World of Norfolk

Retreat to the World of Norfolk

Retreat to The World of Norfolk

Scenic photo of Emily Bay at Kingston
There are two kinds of holidays: the first is the kind you need a holiday to recover from; the second is the kind that makes you feel like you have a whole new lease on life. Welcome to The World of Norfolk!


Local Brett relaxing at Strawberry Fields Yoga StudiosThe dramatic scenery, the smiling genuine people, the lack of pretence, the organic food, the serenity, the accommodation, the pristine environment – even the short flight and the quaint island makes travelling here so convenient. In The World of Norfolk, you relax and rejuvenate by default. 


Norfolk Island lies in the middle of the restless South Pacific ocean, with a coastline of high cliffs, a tapestry of forests, pine-dotted meadows and pristine beaches. There are over 70 different experiences for Local farmer Matt Biggs in his own vegetable garden at Steeles Pointyou to enjoy, if you wish. Many people who come to Norfolk Island adjust instantly to ‘island time’ – a slow pace that involves stopping to chat to locals, pick up fruit from the farms in an exchange for some coins in the honesty box, or claiming one of the stunning beaches to laze on, swim or snorkel.

There are only 1,770 people living on Norfolk and often no more than 3000 people at any given time, leaving you with all the space, freedom, and peace and quiet in the world to explore as little or as much as you like. Rich green forests stretch to cliff tops that Local Nikki about to enjoy snorkelling at Emily Bay in Kingstonplunge down into the ocean. You can take a trek on Phillip Island, packed with so many birds that their calls are deafening. You’ll feel as if you’re flying with them as they soar in flocks right above you.

Soon, you’ll have no choice but to find yourself pulled back to earth, as the World of Norfolk is a place where everyone waves, or says ‘hello’ with a smile. They are genuinely interested in your view of their home and can’t wait to let you into theirs.

So go on, take a real Island dancers enjoying the sunset at Anson Bayholiday. Visit The World of Norfolk.

Walk, Watch, Listen
Walking tracks fan across the national park and include the island’s highest points, Mt Pitt and Mt Bates, which provide breathtaking vistas right across Norfolk. The Bridle Track along the wild, unspoiled coastline from Captain Cook’s monument back to Bird Rock is one of the most spectacular walks you will ever go on.

Phillip Island
Phillip Island is an uninhabited and undeveloped island just 7km The rocks at Cascade Bayoff Norfolk Island. In fact, locals who are up for a getaway of their own, can be found in a little fishing hut wedged between two rock formations, overlooking a natural rock pool. During your trek, you will see many species of birds up close, as they nest or soar in the hundreds. Between the wildlife and the view, you won’t be thinking of much else. Be sure to pack your swimmers, as after the walk, you won’t be able to resist a dip in the natural rock pool. It will feel just like a natural day spa.

Soul food
Scenic shot of the Norfolk Golf Course in KingstonThe ‘paddock to plate’ approach to Norfolk Island dining means food tastes just as it should, full of flavour, grown in its natural season and rich with all the right nutrients. In fact, Norfolk Island has an organisation committed to creating a 100% sustainable environment, supported by the Government. Farmers have been trained in sustainable agricultural techniques giving locals and visitors nutrient-dense, Local farmer Matt Biggs in his own vegetable garden at Steeles Pointchemical free food as a result. The philosophy? Healthy soil, healthy food and a healthy body!

Feed your soul with delicious organic food served at any of the island’s 35 restaurants. One such restaurant is Dino’s. High quality dining, organic produce and fantastic service all set in a rustic quirky restaurant that grows its own produce right outside the open kitchen.

Engulf yourself in ocean
Norfolk Island is surrounded by crystal clear, sapphire coloured ocean that fringes the dramatic cliff tops. If you’re going anywhere by boat, you’ll be surprised to see the boat airlifted off the pier, then dropped into the ocean before passengers hop into it – there are no commercial wharfs here! Take a day trip to Philip Island or a fishing trip, or go kayaking, snorkelling, reef walking and more. The water is rich with marine life, and untarnished by the trappings of commercial vessels.Local John Christian fishing off Slaughter Bay rref

Fishing (Catching)
Many people say fishing relaxes. Islanders call fishing, ‘catching’, because the water is full of fish that catching one (actually, tens of kilos) is the norm. Fishers can reel in delicacies like succulent Sweet Lip (Trumpeter), Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Great Southern Marlin, to name a few. Bag limits are generous, however Norfolk Island self imposes limits during breeding seasons to ensure there’s plenty of fish for tourists and locals all year round.

Kayaking (for beginners and the more experienced)
Kayakers will enjoy exploring the rugged coastline, impressive caves and blow holes. There are off-shore islands, stunning rock formations and fantastic marine life.

Yoga in the fields
Meditate, stretch, breathe – and as you do, take in the freshest air, free from all distractions apart from the occasional bird call or the distant ‘mooing’ of a cow. Norfolk Island has yoga studios hidden away, deep between the pines or farm properties. Be led by experienced yoga instructors, who will surprise you with their knowledge of farming and take you around their own gardens with pride! Strawberry Fields is one such place – take some coins with you – you won’t want to walk away without a basket full of delicious organic passionfruit.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are also available on island.

Facts on The World of Norfolk
- Get there in 1hr 45min from Auckland, and a 2hr 30min flight from Sydney.
- Norfolk Island has a subtropical climate. Any time is a great time to visit.
- The currency is the Australian dollar.

Getting There
Air New Zealand operates a weekly service from Auckland.
Norfolk Air operates regular flights from Sydney, BrisbaneNewcastle and Melbourne

Visit the or call 1800 766 236

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