Vanuatu Fact Sheet

Vanuatu Fact Sheet

Vanuatu Fact Sheet

Air Vanuatu phone (678) 23 878, fax (678) 23 250, email [email protected]  is the national carrier and operates both international and domestic services. The main office of Air Vanuatu opens from 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 11.30am Saturday. At the airports in Port Vila and Luganville, a sales desk is open from 6am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

The current ports of entry are Bauerfield in Port Vila on Efate and Pekoa on Espiritu Santo. Both are 10 minutes from the airport to town. White Grass on Tanna Island will shortly be receiving international flights.

Clubs and Organisations

Vanuatu’s climate varies from subtropical in the south to tropical in the north. During the dry season from May to October, visitors can expect fine warm days and cooler nights. From November to April, higher temperatures and heavier rain can be expected.

Worldwide satellite communications, 24hr telephone services, fax plus email and internet services. The country code for Vanuatu is 678. Phone numbers are five digits.

Departure Tax
An international departure tax of 3000VT is included in the price of your ticket. A provincial departure tax of 200VT on domestic flights is payable at the airports.

Light and casual but not too brief in public places. Light clothing is appropriate all year, with perhaps a sweater for the cooler evenings during May to October.

220-280 volts 50 Hz, AC, mainly three-point Australian plugs in hotels, although some French 2 point plugs are found in small resorts/bungalows. Adaptors that are compatible with foreign designs can be found in most hardware or Chinese stores in Port Vila and Luganville.

Hospital facilities exist in Port Vila and at Luganville on Espiritu Santo, and Norsup and Tanna have basic facilities. There are no dangerous animals or insects. No compulsory vaccinations are required but anti-malarial medication is recommended, especially for visits to the outer islands.

Hospitals, Port Vila

Hospitals, Espiritu Santo 

  • Northern District Hospital, Luganville, ph 36 345 

Hospitals, Outer Islands 

  • Norsup Hospital, Malakula, ph 48 410
  • Lolowai Hospital, East Ambae, ph 38 302
  • NduiNdui Hospital, West Ambae, ph 38345
  • Melsisi Hospital Melsisi, Pentecost, ph 38 366/38 170
  • Lenakel Hospital Isangel, Tanna, ph 68 659

Doctors, Efate, Internationally Accredited 

  • Pro Medical (Paramedics), Port Vila,Champagne Estate, ph 25 566
  • Vila Bay Medical Centre, Port Vila, Daily Post, ph  27 777 

Doctors, Efate

  • Hospital doctors, Port Vila Central Hospital, ph 22 100 27 618
  • Email [email protected]
  • Dr Jean Luc Bador, Port Vila, Drug Store, ph 23 036 22 925
  •  Email [email protected]
  • Dr Finberg & Dr Tulimanu, Port Vila, Drug Store, ph 22 826  26 946
  • Dr Frank Spooner, Port Vila Drug Store, ph 23 380

Doctors, Espiritu Santo 

  • Dr Timothy Vocor, Luganville, ph 36 141 36 141


  • Hospital Clinic, Port Vila Central Hospital, ph 22 100 27 618 [email protected]
  • Dr H Collard/Mrs Janet Kerr, Port Vila, ph 22 306 25 641
  • Dr Ken Hutton, Port Vila Namba, ph 22 604 23 057
  • Dr Joseph Roberts, Port Vila, ph 26 958
  • Hospital Clinic, Northern District Hospital, Luganville, ph 36 345 36 213

High Commissions/Embassies
French Embassy

PO Box 60, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone (678) 22 353 or (678) 22 816
Fax (678) 22 695
Email [email protected]

Australian High Commission
PO Box 111, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone (678) 22 777
Fax (678) 23 948
Email [email protected]

New Zealand High Commission
PO Box 161, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone (678) 22 933
Fax (678) 22 518
Email [email protected]

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
PMB 071, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone (678) 23 598
Fax (678) 24 877
Email [email protected]

Internet Cafes


  • Ezywash Laundromat, ph 24 386, Olympic Hotel, 7.30am-6pm
  • Pacific Wash and Dry, ph 26 416, Balande Centre, 7.30am-5.30pm

Mobile Phones

  • Vanuatu has a world standard mobile phone GSM system operated by Telecom Vanuatu Ltd (TVL), phone (678) 22 005, email [email protected].
  • Telecom Vanuatu will now accept roaming from NZ, Australia, England, France, New Caledonia and Tahiti (not all providers or phone types). Visit the TVL website to see if your phone and system are compatible.
  • Internal SIM cards are available at Telecom House.
  • For enquiries, phone (678) 22 185 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

The Vanuatu decimal currency is based on the Vatu (VT). All major foreign currencies are exchangeable in Vanuatu for Vatu (local currency).


Pharmacies, Efate 

Pharmacies, Espiritu Santo 

  • Luganville Drug Store, Luganville, ph 36 678

Fung Kuei, ph 22 556 
John Lum & Assoc. (Luganville), ph 36 329
Top Shots Processing, ph 23 260 
Port Vila Drugstore, ph 22 789 [email protected]

Post Office

  • Vanuatu Post Office opens Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.30pm and Saturday from 7.30am to 11.30am.
  • The underwater post box at Hideaway Island Resort and Volcano post at Mt Yasur on Tanna Island are open daily. Postcards for Tanna must be bought in Port Vila or at the White Grass Airport.
  • For enquiries, phone (678) 22 000, email [email protected] or visit Vanuatu Post

Religion & Churches
The main denominations in Vanuatu are Presbyterian, Anglican and Catholic (Sunday) and Seventh Day Adventists (Saturday). Visitors are welcome to attend the services. Sundays are generally a day of rest, and visitors will find many activities and services are unavailable.


  • Anglican Church, Tagabe, ph 22 683, Sunday 7.30am
  • Assembly of God, Tebakor, ph 22 603, Sunday 10am
  • Apostolic Church, ph 23 788, Sunday 9.30am
  • Catholic Church, Paray, ph 24 440, Saturday English service 6pm
  • Church of Christ, ph 22 469, Sunday 9am
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral, ph 22 618, Sunday French service 8.30am
  • Family Worship Centre, ph 23 092, Sunday 10am
  • Mormon Church, ph 25 307, Sunday 8am
  • Presbyterian Church, ph 22 722, Sunday 10am
  • Seventh Day Adventist Mission, ph 22 157, Saturday 9am
  • All Nations Pentecostal Church, ph 27 365, Sunday 3pm

Services - Beauty & Hair Salons 

  • Chris H Style Consultancy, ph 22 740, Port Vila
  • Frangipani Spa, ph 23 388, Iririki Island Resort
  • Fritz Tif Barber shop, ph 25 598, Port Vila
  • Head Hunter, ph 22 763, Port Vila
  • Laure France Coiffure, ph 25 372, Port Vila
  • Lotus Health & Beauty, ph 28 811, Port Vila
  • Namele Day Spa, ph 22 040, Le Meridien Resort
  • Patricia G Coiffure, ph 23 014, Port Villa
  • Paris Beaute, ph 25 486, Port Vila
  • Red & Black Beauty Salon, ph 25 619 Port Vila
  • Rina’s Beauty, ph 25 035, Melanesian Resort
  • The Day Spa, ph 50 983, Erakor Island Resort

Taxes (Value Added Tax - VAT)
There is a 12.5% tax on accommodation, food and most products in Vanuatu, excluding market and local produce.

Vanuatu time is GMT plus 11 hours, which is one hour ahead of Australian Eastern Standard time.

Neither tipping nor bargaining is culturally acceptable in Vanuatu. If you would like to express thanks for a service, you can perhaps give a t-shirt or souvenir as a gift from your country. It is not expected, but small items are received with much appreciation.

Travel Agencies, Efate

Travel Agencies, Luganville - Espiritu Santo 

Visas & Entry Requirements

  • For stays not exceeding 30 days, bona fide visitors who are nationals of Commonwealth countries, EU countries, Fiji, Japan, Norway, Philippines, South Korea, Switzerland and the USA do not require a visa.
  • Visas for other nationalities can be obtained from The Immigration Department, PMB 9092, Port Vila – extendable up to 4 months (re-issued monthly).
  • For more information, phone (678) 22 354; email [email protected] or [email protected] or visit here.

Visitor Information

  • Vanuatu Tourism Office is located at Level 1, Pilioko House in Port Vila.
  • Information hours are 7.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8am-12 noon. Public holidays 8am-12 noon.
  • If a cruise ship day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the office is open from 8am to 2pm.
  • Visit

Yachting Services

  • Yachts entering Vanuatu during working days (Mon-Fri) must pay 3000VT to quarantine, 3000VT to customs and 2000VT to immigration.
  • An extra charge will be paid on weekends. There is no exit fee.
  • Contact the Dept of Customs for up-to-date information: PMB 012, Port Vila. Phone (678) 24 544/23 298, fax (678) 22 597, email [email protected]