Language in Papua New Guinea

More than 800 local languages (in addition to many minor dialects) exist in Papua New Guinea – about a third of the world's indigenous tongues. Pidgin (Tok Pisin) is common to most Papua New Guineans, and learning a few words can be handy, especially when travelling in more remote areas.

English / Pidgin
Yes = Yes
No = Nogat
Good morning = Monin
Good afternoon = Apinun
Good night = Gut nait
Thank you = Tenkiu
How much does it cost? = Em hamas? / hamas long em?
I would like to buy = Mi laik baim
Where is the toilet? = Toilet istap weh?
Please help me = Halivim mi, plis
I don't like it = Mi no laikim
Where are we going? = Yumi go weh?
Food = Kai
What is your name? = Wanem nem bilong yu?
Where are you from? = Yu bilong weh?
Hospital = Haus sik
May I take a photo? = Inap mi kisim piksa?