Papua New Guinea Fast Facts

5 million 

Capital City
Port Moresby 

In the tropics, just south of the Equator and 160km north of Australia. PNG has a total land area of 463,000 sq km. 

Temperatures range from 23ºC-32ºC in coastal areas and 14ºC-28ºC in the highlands

Dry Season
Varies from province to province, but the driest months are generally May to December. 
Time Zone
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 10 hours 

Major Attractions
Port Moresby & Central Province, Morobe, Madang, Mount Hagan and the Highlands, Sepik, New Britian, New Ireland, Manus, Milne Bay and the Northern Province, National Parks, Fishing, War Relics, Diving, Caving, Trekking, Surfing, Birdwatching, Culture 

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Papua New Guinea Map