Famous as the home of the great Scottish author and adventurer Robert Louis Stevenson, Samoa is known for its natural beauty and gentle pace of life. Just a three-hour flight from New Zealand, the people of this vibrant Polynesian nation have held onto their ancient customs, and Fa'a Samoa, the Samoan Way, continues to play a huge role in village and community life.

Savaii and Upolu are Samoa's largest islands, and the collection of eight smaller islands includes Apolima, Fanuatapu, Manono, Namua, Nuulopa, Nuulua, Nuusafee and Nuutele. Spread out along the coastal highways of Upolu and Savaii, traditional villages with their neat fales lead inland where volcanic craters, lava fields, ancient archaeological sites and forest reserves beckon to be explored. The country’s capital of Apia and Faleolo International Airport are both located on the main island of Upolu. Samoa lies east of the international dateline, 2890km from Auckland and 1200km from Fiji.

Geographic Location

Samoa is located east of the International Dateline between longitudes 171º and 172º west and latitudes 13º and 14º south of the Equator. It is 2890km from Auckland, 1200km from Suva and 4400km from Sydney.


Over 175,000 spread over 362 villages

Capital City

Apia on the island of Upolu


Warm year round with an average maximum temperature of 29ºC.
Rainy season: November to March.
Cooler season: Temperatures are cooled by south east trade winds from May to November.

Time Zone

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 12 hours

Major Attractions

Savaii, Upolu, Apolima Island, Fanatapu Island, Manono Island, Namua Island, Nuulopa Island, Nuusafee Island, Nuutele Island, Nuulua Island, Kayaking, Surfing, Diving & Snorkelling, Watersports, Walking, Golf, Caving, Cycling.

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Samoa Map
Savaii Apia Beyond Apia