Surfing in Tonga

Surfboards, Tonga © Tonga Visitors Bureau Tonga provides fantastic surfing opportunities, although there's no surfing on Sundays, as it’s strictly a day of rest. The most popular surfing spot in Tonga is off Ha’atafu Beach in the Tongatapu Group, near Nuku'alofa. Stretching north of the beach is a chain of offshore reefs facing directly into prevailing ocean swells during the summer making for great surfing waves.

Surfing in Tonga is good year round (best at high tide), although surfing here is not suitable for beginners. The winter months of April to October bring large, clean southerly swells. This is the best time of Tonga Visitor Guideyear for surfing in Tonga, with the biggest swells occurring from June to August. Left-hand surfers are spoilt for choice in Tonga with five great left-hand breaks – The Pass, Corners, The Bowl, Motels and Fishtraps. During the summer months from November to March, surfers can pick between four right-handers and a left-hander.

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