Culture of Tuvalu

The culture of Tuvalu is unique yet typical of the culture of the South Pacific Islands. Tuvalu is largely Polynesian (96%), with an emphasis on traditional ways, friendliness and a relaxed lifestyle. The people are famous for their dancing, music and handcrafts, which are highly regarded in the Pacific. Women wear a distinctive traditional dress made from hand-dyed pandanus leaf strips using traditional patterns and colours.

Feasts, featuring traditional dancing and music, are often held at the Maneapas (meeting houses), which are the focal point of the community. Each Maneapa is unique, and some are highly ornate. Christianity has exerted a strong influence in the islands. Sundays are a day of rest and church attendance, and visitors are asked to be discreet in their choice of activities. Female visitors are also asked to dress modestly in towns and villages. The key national celebration is Independence Day on 1 October, 1978.